Who we are  

In Corella, in the heart of the area of Navarre known as the “Ribera Baja”, at the foot of the Moncayo range, the Fernandez Aliaga family, inspired by the enthusiasm and professional knowledge of the head of the family, Antonio Fernandez, with 50 years of experience in winemaking behind him, have founded a modern winery, equipped with temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks, and casks of American Oak and French Allier for the maturing of the wines produced from their more than 50 hectares of vineyards in the parishes of Ombatillo, Fornillo and Montecillo.



Garnacha: An ideal variety of grape for the making of young wines and especially for rosés wines, due to its low acidity, aromatic quality and a certain sweetness.

Tempranillo: Ideal variety of grape for ageing young wines. Produces wines which are well balanced as regards firmness, colour, bouquet and acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon: The wines made from this grape are strong, of a dark colour, rich in tannin, acid and astringent when young and which, on maturing, acquire a characteristic “firmness” and bouquet. Ideal for vintage wines.